Online Exhibitions

Trade Cards: An illustrated History

Trade Cards: An illustrated History

Curators: Nach and Maron Waxman

Punkfest Cornell: Anarchy in the Archives

Punkfest Cornell: Anarchy in the Archives

Curators: Johan Kugelberg, Judith Peraino, Tom McEnaney, Jon Savage

150 Ways to Say Cornell

150 Ways to Say Cornell

Curators: Elaine Engst, Lance Heidig, Eileen Keating, Evan Earle, Marcie Farwell, and Laurent Ferri

Lincoln’s Unfinished Work

Lincoln’s Unfinished Work

Curator: Lance Heidig

Surrealism and Magic

Surrealism and Magic

Curators: Laurent Ferri & Andrew C. Weislogel

Speaking of Sex

Speaking of Sex

Curator: Brenda Marston

Prescriptions for Urban Ailments

Prescriptions for Urban Ailments: Planning Solutions of the 1920s-1940s

Curators: Elizabeth D. Muller and Jennifer Minner

Now Scream! The Hip Hop Collection Exhibition

Now Scream! The Hip Hop Collection Exhibition

Curator: Ben Ortiz

Remembering Lincoln at Gettysburg

Remembering Lincoln at Gettysburg

Curator: Lance Heidig



Curator: Professor Medina Lasansky


The Art & Life of Alison Mason Kingsbury

Curator: Jillian Piccirilli


Charles Darwin: After the Origin

Curator: Sheila Ann Dean


Song of the Vine: A History of Wine

Curators: Evan Earle and Eileen Heeran


LaFayette: Citizen of Two Worlds

Curator: Laurent Ferri

Edgar Allan Poe

Nevermore: The Edgar Allan Poe Collection of Susan Jaffe Tane

Curators: Katherine Reagan and Susan Jaffe Tane

Baldwin Memorial Stairway

Baldwin Memorial Stairway

Curator: Elaine Engst

Cornell's James Joyce Collection

From Dublin to Ithaca: Cornell's James Joyce Collection

Curators: Margaret Nichols and Katherine Reagan

Willard Fiske

The Passionate Collector: Willard Fiske and his Libraries

Curators: Patrick Stevens, Eleanor Brown, Elaine Engst, Susette Newberry and Katherine Reagan

Olympic Commemorative Medal

Cornell Olympic Medalists

Curator: Corey Earle ’2007

Early Black Women

Early Black Women at Cornell: Part and Apart, 1890s-1930s

Curators: Petrina Jackson and Brenda Marston

A.D. White

Legacy of Leadership | Cornell's Presidents

Curator: Elaine Engst and Susette Newberry

What the Children Like

Pastimes & Paradigms: Games We Play

Curator: Eleanor Brown

Samuel Ringgold Ward

“I will be heard!”:
Abolitionism in America

Curators: Petrina Jackson and Katherine Reagan


Mozart and the Keyboard Culture of His Time

Curators: Katherine Reagan, Neal Zaslaw, Augustus Arnone, Emily Dolan, Wiebke Thormählen, and Lenore Coral


From Manuscript to Print: The Evolution of the Medieval Book

Curators: Robert Ziomkowski and Katherine Reagan

1564 German Cookery Book

Not by Bread Alone:
America’s Culinary Heritage

Curators: Katherine Reagan, Eleanor Brown, Eileen Keating, Brenda Marston, Margaret Nichols, and Susan Szasz Palmer

Jade Seal

Treasures of the Asia Collections

Curators: Thomas Hahn, Ved Kayastha, Frederick Kotas, and Allen Riedy, Elaine Engst and Susan Szasz Palmer

My Countryman

Vote! An Exhibition of Political Americana

Curator: Susan Szasz Palmer

Mary with Infant Jesus

Living and Reliving the Icelandic Sagas

Curator: Patrick J. Stevens

Book of Hours

Paper, Leather, Clay, & Stone: The Written Word Materialized

Curators: Mark Dimunation, Maryterese Pasquale-Bowen, and D. Fairchild Ruggles