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International Periodicals

This is not a comprehensive list of the holdings of the Human Sexuality Collections. Many additional titles can be found using the library catalog or within the finding aids of individual collections.

Titles with LC call numbers are available. Other titles are uncataloged. Ask Reference Librarian for assistance.

1/10 (Moscow , Russia) HQ76.3 .R9

Action (Canada) Gay liberation movement HQ75. A18

Adon (Japan) HQ76 .3 J3 A23

After Stonewall: Manitoba’s Critical Journal of Gay Liberation (Manitoba, Canada) HQ75 .A25

Alter Ego (Germany) HQ75 .A458

Alternative to Alienation (Toronto, Ontario)

Amigo (Copenhagen, Denmark) Physique HQ75 .A51

Amphi: gia ten apeleutherose tes homophylophiles epithymias (Athens, Greece) HQ75 .A53

Angles (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ75 .A58

Another Path (in Hebrew)

Anything That Moves

Apollo “gay contact advertiser” (London, England) HQ75 .A64

Arcadie (Paris, France) HQ75 .A66

Argo (Moscow, Russia) HQ76.3 .R9, A67

Asi Somos (Tijuana, Mexico) Gay youth HQ75 .A828

Asian Wind (Tokyo, Japan) Gay liberation movement, Japan HQ75 .A83

Ask Newsletter (Vancouver, B.C.) HN1., A83

ASK Newsletter (Association for Social Knowledge) (Vancouver, B.C.) HN1 .A83

babilonia (Milano, Italy) HQ75.6, I8, B2

Back Chat Newsletter (Toronto, Ontario) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .B12

Barazoku (Tokyo, Japan) HQ76.3, J3, B22

Berdache, Le (Quebec, Canada) HQ75 .B48

Bergensnytt (Bergen, Norway) HQ75 .B49

Body Politic (Toronto, Ontario) HQ76 .B66

Bulletin (changes to, Communiqu’elles) (Montreal, Quebec) HQ1460 .M8 .W87

Bulletin (Gay, Norway) (Norway) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G2822

Bulletin: Newsletter of the Ontario Libertarian Party (Toronto, Ontario) Politics JC585 .B93

Ca ‘S ‘attrape!! (Montreal, Quebec) HQ75 .C11

Camden Gay Lib. (London, England) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .C17

Campaign Australia (Sydney, Australia) HQ75 .C18

Caribbean Heat (Santurce, Puerto Rico)

Carousel Capers (Calgary, Alberta) HQ75 .C29

Celebrasian (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .C388

CGRO News (Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario) (Toronto, Ontario) HQ76.5, C65

CHE: Bulletin of the Campaign for Homosexual Equity (Manchester, England) Gay liberation movement HQ75., C51

CLGRC Forum (Canada Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition) (Montreal, Quebec) HQ76.8 .C3 .F74

Club 70 News (Admonton , Canada) HQ75 .C64

Come Together (London , England)

Communiqu’elles (formerly, Bulletin) (Montreal, Quebec) HQ1460 .M8 .C73

Confidential Flash (Toronto , Ontario) Gay HQ1 .C74

Connexions (Toronto, Ontario) Z7164 .S66 .C75

Crisálida (Guadalajara, Mexico) HQ75 .C93

Del Otro Lado (from the other side) (Mexico) HQ75 .D33

Dialogue (Hamilton, Ontario) HQ75 .D53

Die Freunde (Hamburg, Germany) HQ76.3 .G4, F88

Dignity/ Dignité (Calgary, Alta) Religious: Catholic BX.1795 .H66 .D57

Directions for Gay Men (Toronto , Ontario) HQ75 .D59

Doi Dien/Face to Face: the voice of Vietnamese lesbians and gays Literary HQ76.2 .V6 .D63

Don (Germany) ++HQ75 .F91

Don (Germany) HQ75 .D67

Don (Paris , France) HQ76.8 .F8 .D67

Emanzipation (Munich, Germany) HQ75 .E53

Eos (Copenhagen , Denmark) HQ75 .E62

Examiner (changes, to Gay Examiner) (London , England)

Exode: Gays Cristianos de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) BR115 .H6, E96

Fab Magazine (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .F11

Fab Magazine (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .F11

Famous Plays of 1931 (London, England) PR1272 .F19

Follow Up: The Gay Sex Magazine (London, England) HQ75 .F66

Freies Leben (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany) Nudism GV450 .F86

Freund Der/ The Friend (Copenhagen, Denmark) HQ75 .F91

Fugues (Montreal, Quebec) HQ73.3 .C2 .F95

Fuori! (Torino, Italy) HQ75 .F978

G: Gaya Hidup Ceria (G. Lambda Indonesia, English summary) (Indonesia) HQ75 .G12

Gai(e)s du Quebec (Montreal , Quebec) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G16

Gai Pied (Paris , France) HQ75 .G274

Gai Quebec, Le (Quebec, Canada) HQ75 .G126

GAIA ‘s Guide (London , England)

Gaibecois, Le (Quebec, Canada) HQ75 .G372

Gay Archivist (Toronto , Ontario)

Gay Calgary (Calgary, Canada) HQ75 .G2775

Gay Christian Witness (Winnipeg, Manitoba) Religious BR115 .H6 .G275

Gay Community News (Dublin, Ireland) HQ75.G2872

Gay Hotsa (Bilbao, Spain) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G2843

Gay International (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .G2778

Gay International News (London, England) HQ75 .G2779

Gay Journal (Germany) HQ75 .G2845

Gay Journal, The (London, England)

Gay Left (London, England) HQ75 .G278

Gay Liberation Press (Australia) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G2782

Gay Liberator (New Zealand) Gay liberation movement HQ75., G2783

Gay Man (Germany) HQ75 .G2785

Gay Moods (Calgary, Alberta) HQ75 .G2775

Gay News (London , England) HQ75 .G2801

Gay Rising (Toronto , Ontario) HQ75 .G2912

Gay Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) HQ75 .G2834

Gay Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland) HQ75 .G2837

Gay Tide (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ76 .G284

Gay Times (Montreal , Quebec) HQ75 .G2836

Gay Times (formerly, Him) (Great Britain) HQ75 .H65

Gay Tuk (Toronto , Ontario) HQ75., G2922

Gay Week (London , England)

Gay West (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) HQ75 .G2846

Gaya Nusantara (Indonesia) HQ76.2 .I5, G28

GayOkay (University of Toronto) (London, Ontario) HQ75 .G2848

Gays of Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario) Gay liberation movement HQ75, G57

Gaze (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) HQ75 .G294

GCC News/Nuus- Gay Christian Community (South Africa)

Gem (Brampton, Ontario) HQ75 .G318

Gemini II (Waterloo, Ontario) HQ75 .G32

GLQ: Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies (Yverdon, Switzerland) HQ75 .G56

GO Info (Gays of Ottawa) (Ottawa, Ontario) HQ75 .G57

Gold (London, England) HQ75 .G612

Grapevine (Homophile Association of London Ontario) (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .G768

Grapevine: Newsletter of the Lesbian Mother’s Defence Fund (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .G76

Grassroots: Voice of Gay Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) HQ75 .G2834

HALO Newsletter (changes to Grapevine) (London, Ontario) HQ75 .H768

Harpies (Winnipeg, Manitoba) Literary, Women HQ1101 .H29

Herbes Rouge, Les (Montreal, Quebec) PQ3919.2 .R878 .M7

Hermes (Mexico City, Mexico) AIDS, HIV HQ75 .H55

Him (Hamburg, Germany) HQ75 .H651

Him Applaus (Hamburg, Germany) HQ75 .H652

Him (later, changed to Gay Times) (Great Britain) HQ 75 .H65

Hojt Humr (Copenhagen , Denmark) Comics HQ23 .H71

Homo (France) HQ75 .H76

Homo Action (Copenhagen , Denmark) Erotica HQ75 .H763

Homo International Magazine (Sweden) HQ75 .H764

Homologie (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) HQ75 .H765

Homophile, Association of London Ontario (London, Ontario)

Homosexual Sexuality HQ75 .H762

I.H.W.O. (Copenhagen , Denmark) Z 6944 .H6, I25

IGA Newsletter (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) HQ75 .I615

Impul’s (Moscow , Russia) HQ76 .3 .R9, I34

In Touch (Ireland) Gay liberation movement, Ireland HQ75.I35

Incognito Magazine (Paris , France) HQ75 .I36

Informales (Madrid, Spain) HQ75 .I43

International Journal of Women’s Studies (Montreal, Quebec) women HQ1101 .I62

International Man (Aseda, Sweden) Erotica HQ75 .I613

Is (Toronto, Ontario) PR9194.52 .E75 .E71

Justice Weekly (Toronto, Ontario) HV7231 .J96

Kom Ut! (Stockholm, Sweden)

Kontakt (Munich, Germany) HQ75 .K82

Kreis Der/Le Cercle/The Circle (Geneva, Switzerland) HQ75 .K92

Lambda (Barcelona, Spain) HQ75 .L198

Lambda: Giornale Di Controcultura Del Movimento Gay (Torino, Italy) HQ75 .L195

Lambda News (Toronto , Ontario)

Latitudes (International Lesbian and Gay Association) (Washington, DC) HQ75 .L35

Lesbian and Gay Heritage of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75.6 .C2 .L62

Lesbian Organization of Toronto Newsletter (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .N554

Libertarian Womens’ Network Newsheet (UK) Politics, Feminist HQ1101 .L69

Lolitas (Denmark) Erotica

Long Time Coming (Montreal, Quebec) Lesbian, Feminist H76.3 .C2, L84

Macho Tips (Mexico) HQ75.M15

Makara (Vancouver, B.C.) AP5 .M235

Mal’chishnik (Moscow, Russia) HQ76.2 .R9, M24

Male Annual (London, England) TR675 .M2411

Male Classics (London, England) TR675 .M238

Male Insider (France) Gay male, Erotica

Male Models (Copenhagen, Denmark) TR675 .M244

Male Physique (London, England) Physique TR675 .M242

Man-ifique (UK) Physique GV546.5 .M26

Manner im bild (Hamburg , Germany) TR675 .M27

Masques: Revue des Homosexualites (Paris , France) HQ75 .M41

Mec Magazine (France) HQ75 .M47

Metro Community News (Toronto, Ontario) Religious BR115 .H6 .M59

Mulius (Oslo, Norway) HQ75 .M95

National Gay Rights Coalition (Montreal, Quebec) HQ76.8 .C8 .F74

Nativ Nosef (Israel) HQ75 .N273

Neue Ring, Der (Hamburg , Germany) HQ76.3 .G4, N48

New Leaf for the Merc (Ontario, Canada) Z658 .C2, N53

News Nuus (Gay Christian Community) (Hillbrow, South Africa) BR115 .H6, N55

Newsletter (Agudah li-shemerat zekhuyot ha-prat) (Society for the Protection of Personal Rights) (Israel) HQ75 .N556

Newsletter (Lesbian Organization of Toronto) (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .N554

Newsletter (Sydney Gay Liberation) (Sydney , Australia) HQ75 .N559

North Shore Women (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ1101 .N86

Nouvel Homo (formerly, Homo Paris) (Montrouge, France) HQ75 .H76

Nuestro Cuerpo (Mexico) HQ75 .N96

OG (Oriental Guys) (Sydney , Australia) Gay, Erotica HQ75 .O34

OMPO (Organo del Movimento Politico degli Omosessuali) (Rome, Italy) HQ75 .O56

Ong buom Heterosexual, Erotica, Vietnamese-American +HQ1., O58

Ontarion (Ontario, Canada)

Out! (Auckland, New Zealand)

Out! (Kitchener , Ontario) HQ75 .O934

Out and About (Winnipeg, Manitoba) HQ75 .O935

Outrage (South Victoria, Australia) HQ75 .O94

Paidika (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) pedophilia HQ71 .P14

Pan (Hamburg, Germany) PN6071 .H724 .P18

Pan International (Copenhagen , Denmark) HQ75 .P18

Paz y liberacion

Pedestal (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ1457 .P37

People Like Us (Singapore) lesbian HQ75 .P41

Petit Berdache (Quebec, Canada) HQ75 .B48

Pink Power (Berlin, Germany) HQ75 .P649

Pink Triangle (New Zealand) HQ75 .P65

Popular Man (England) Physique

Prairie Woman (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Reporter: politik & debatt & kultur & nojen (Stockholm, Sweden) HQ75.R42

Revolt (Aseda, Sweden) HQ75 .R45

Revolt Mann (Aseda, Sweden) Erotica HQ75 .R451

Risk (Moscow, Russia) HQ76.3 .R9, R59

Rites (Toronto , Ontario)

Rosa: eine zeitung der schwulen bewegung (Germany)

Rouge (London, England) HQ75 .R85

Sabu (Tokyo, Japan) HQ75.3 .J3, A23

Sappho (London , England) HQ75 .S24

Schwuchtel: eine zeitung der schwulenbewegung (Germany)

Search Light (becomes, Search News) (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ75 .S435

Search News (formerly, Search Light) (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ75 .S435

SETA (Helsinki, Finland) HQ75 .S49

Sexual Padagogik (Germany) HQ56 .S513

Shans Kur’er (Rostov-na-Donu=Rostov-on-the-Don) (Russia) HQ76.3 .R9, S52

Shonen (Tokyo , Japan) HQ76.3 .J3, S55

Six by Jim Kepner (The Netherlands)

Sky Magazine (London, England) performing, arts PN1561 .S62

Society for the Protection of Personal Rights (Israel)

Sparticus, International Guide for Gay Men (Berlin, Germany) Entertainment HQ78 .S73

Spectrum (Homosexual Law reform Society Letter) (London , England) HQ75., S742

Speed Info (Moscow , Russia) HQ18 .R9, S74

Square Peg (London, England) literary HQ75 .S77

Standout Magazine (Toronto , Ontario) HQ75 .S78

Swish! (Toronto, Ontario) Zine HQ75 .S97

Tab International (Toronto , Ontario) HQ1 .T11

Tat-Tarbut (Tel-Aviv, Israel) HQ75 .T21

Tels Quels (Brussels, Belgium) HQ75 .T27

Tema (Russia)

Thing (Singapore) HQ75 .P41

Tidlosa Nudism

Tiers, Le (Pointe-Claire, Quebec) HQ75 .T56

Top Guide to Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) HQ75 .T672

Treatment Update (Toronto, Ontario) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 .T784

Treize (Montreal, Quebec) HQ75 .C11

Trikon: Indian subcontinent gay support group (Palo Alto, CA) HQ75 .T82

Two (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .T97

Ty (Moscow, Russia) HQ76.3 .R9, T97

U.W.O.H.A. (University of Western Ontario Homophile Association) (Waterloo, Ontario) HQ75 .U95

Uni (Ostervang, Denmark) HQ75 .U58

Unser Dasein (Frankfurt, Germany) nudism GV450 .U59

Vennen (Copenhagen , Denmark) HQ75 .V16

VGC News(Vancouver Gay Community) (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ75 .A58

Voices (Kenora, Winnipeg ) HQ1101 .V88

Wages for Housework Campaign Bulletin (Toronto , Ontario)

Wakakusa (Tokyo , Japan) lesbian HQ75.6 .J3, W14

What’s Happening! (Winnipeg, Manitoba) HQ75 .W55

Windsor Gay Unity Newsletter (Windsor, Ontario) HQ76.8 .C3 .W76

Witch and the Chameleon (Hamilton, Ontario) PN3401 .W81

Women Going Places (London, UK) Travel HQ75 .W87

XTRA (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .X7

Y Que! (Tijuana , Mexico) HQ75 .Y11

Zenkoku otokomachi mappu (Japan) HQ76.3 .J3, Z54

Zipper (London, England) TR675 .Z79

Zonder Pardon (Brussels, Belgium) HQ75 .Z87

U.S. Periodicals

This is not a comprehensive list of the holdings of the Human Sexuality Collections. Many additional titles can be found using the library catalog or within the finding aids of individual collections.

Titles with LC call numbers are available. Other titles are uncataloged. Ask Reference Librarian for assistance.

10%: Maineís monthly newspaper for lesbians & gay men

10 Percent (San Francisco, CA) Entertainment, News HQ75 .T31

10 Percent: UCLAís gay and lesbian newsletter HQ75 .T28

101 Boys (New York, NY) Men in art TR675 .O58

101 Boys Art Quarterly N7626 .O58

18 Wheeler, The: private newsletter of the Association of Truckhawks and Company (East Rutherford, NJ) TL230.3 .E34

69 Sunset Strip (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica HQ450 .S62

A & U (Art & Understanding) (Albany, NY) AIDS, HIV

A/PLG Newsletter (Asian/Pacific Lesbian and Gays, Inc.) (Hollywood, CA) HQ75 .A832

AAPHR Reporter (American Association of Physicians for Human Rights) (San Francisco, CA)

ABC No Rio Magazine (New York, NY) Zine PS1 .A13

About Town (New York, NY) Entertainment, Gay HQ75 .A15

Achilles Heel HQ1090 .A22

ACLU Womenís Rights Report (Richmond, VA) HQ1255 .W87

Across the Spectrum (Wilmington, NC)

ACT UP Reports (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 A183

ACT UP/LA News (Los Angeles, CA) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 A184

Action (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75 .A182

Action Line (San Francisco, CA) Erotica

Adam Monthly

Adam Special ReportÑsingle issue: “Millionaire Pornographers” (Los Angeles, CA) HQ450 .A19

Adonis (Jersey City, NJ) Physique TR675 .A23

Advocate (and added holdings) (Los Angeles, CA) HQ76.8 .U5 A24

Advocate Classifieds (Los Angeles, CA) HQ76.8 .U5 A241

Advocate Gay Visitorís Guide (San Francisco, CA) Travel HQ 76.8 .U5 .G285

Advocate Gay Visitorís Guide to Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) Travel

Advocate Index (Los Angeles, CA) +HQ76.8.U5 A24

Advocate Men (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica TR681 .M4 A24

Affinity (San Leandro, CA) Religious: Mormon

Affirmation: United Methodists for Gay and Lesbian Concerns (Evanston, IL) Religious

After Dark (previously Ballroom Dance) (New York, NY) Performing arts PN1560 .A25

Against the Wall (Westfield, NJ) Politics HN1 .A25

AHA! Hispanic Arts News Latina, Latino, Arts

AIDS Info Digest AIDS, HIV

AIDS Treatment News (San Francisco, CA) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 .A298

AIDS/HIV Experimental Treatment Directory (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 A282

Ainít I a Woman? (Iowa City, IA) Lesbian, Feminist HQ1101 .A29

Al Parker Meets Supershaft Erotica

Alabama Forum (Birmingham, AL) HQ75 .A31

Albatross: a publication of the Mid-East Jersey Radical Feminists (E. Orange, NJ) Feminist HQ75 .A32

ALFA Newsletter (previously Atalanta) HQ75. 6 .U5 A88

ALGCC Membership Directory (Albuquerque Lesbian and Gay Chamber of Commerce) (Albuquerque, NM)

Alice Reports (San Francisco, CA) Politics HQ75. A39


All She Wrote (Honolulu, HI) Feminist HQ1101 .A41

Alliance News (Tarrant County, TX) Lesbian, Gay, News

(also called “Long Island Connection) (Huntington, NY) HQ75. L113

Alternate (San Francisco, CA) Politics HQ75.A46

Alternate Woman (LA) News HQ76.6 .U5 .A46

Alternative (Syracuse, NY) HQ75 .A465

Alternative: Cornell Gay Liberation Subscription (Ithaca, NY) Gay liberation movement HQ972 .A46

Alternative Expressions (Buffalo, NY)

Alternatives: A Magazine for Alternative Lifestyles (South Texas Edition) (TX)

Alternatives Corner Newsletter (W. Hemstead, NY) Lesbian, Feminist HQ1101 .A46

Alyson Gay Book Catalog (Boston, MA) HQ75 .A471

Alyson Lesbian Book Catalog (Boston, MA) HQ75 .A47

Amazon Quarterly “a lesbian feminist arts journal” (Oakland, CA) Lesbian, Feminist, Arts HQ75 .A48

Ambush (Baton Rouge, LA) HQ75 .A49

America (single issue: “Churches & the Homosexual”) (New York, NY) Religious BX801 .A51

American Apollo Physique

American Gay Life Entertainment

American Sunbather and Naturalist Review Nudism

Among Friends “References-Referrals-Networks” (Madison , WI) HQ75 .A52

Anarchs of New York Newsletter (New York, NY) Anarchism HX P21 .N55

and HQ76 .D79

Androgyny Newsletter BF 692 .2 A57

Androgyny Review BF 692 .2 A571

Annals of Internal Medicine (Philadelphia, PA) +R11 .A61

Another Voice (Huntington, NY) HQ75 .A61

Anything That Moves (San Francisco, CA) Bisexual, Entertainment HQ74 .A63

APLA Update (Los Angeles, CA) AIDS, HIV RC607 A26 A2865

Aquarian (NY, NJ, PA) Entertainment AP2 .A2 .A65

Archives of Sexual Behavior (New York, NY) HQ1 .A67

Archives of the American Academy of Homosexual Research (New York, NY)

Arizona Community Echo (Phoenix, AZ)

Arizona Gay News HQ75 .A71

Arrowhead, The (Flint, MI)

Art and Form Physique

Ashtray Zine

Asian Lesbians of the East Coast Newsletter (New York, NY) HQ75 .N558

Asian Pacific Lesbians and Gays (West Hollywood, CA) HQ75.A832

ASP Newsletter (Association of Suburban People) (Plymouth, MI)

Association of Gay Psychologists Newsletter (Atlanta, GA) Psychology HQ75 .N557

Astraea Foundation Bulletin (Bronx, NY) Feminist HQ1101 .A85

Atalanta (Atlanta, GA) HQ75/6/U5 A88

ATR (AIDS Treatment Registry, Inc.): “Deciding to enter an AIDS/HIV drug trial” (1989 Draft and final publication) (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RC605 .A26 .D29 1989

ATR (AIDS Treatment Registry, Inc.): Directory of AIDS/HIV Clinical Trials open in New York and New Jersey (Feb 1990) (New York, NY) RC607 .A26 D59

Au Courant (Philadelphia, PA) HQ75 .A88

Aurora: speculative feminism (Madison, WI)

Austindyke (Austin, TX) HQ75 .A93

Autumnís Season Network s/m

Avanti Erotica

B&G (Black and Gay) (New York, NY) African-American, Gay HQ75 .B25

Baby Dyke, The Adventures of (Baltimore, MD) Comics, Zine

Bachelorís Beat (Las Vegas, NV) Heterosexual, Sexual liberation

Bad Attitude (Boston, MA) Erotica, Lesbian HQ75.3 B132

Baltimore Gay Paper (Baltimore, MD) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .B19

Barb, The (Atlanta, GA) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .B24

Battering Ram, The (Rochester, NY)

Bay Area Gay Liberation Newsletter (San Francisco, CA)

Bay Area Reporter (B.A.R.) (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .B35

Bay Area Womenís News (Oakland, CA)

Bay City Guardian (San Francisco, CA) Alternative local newspaper, News JK8701 S29

Bay Times (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .S192

Bay Windows (Boston, MA.) HQ75 .B355

Bear & Company (Santa Fe, NM) Religious: Spirituality BL624 .B362

Being Alive (People With HIV/AIDS Action Coalition Newsletter) (Los Angeles, CA) AIDS, HIV RA644 A25 B24

Berkeley Barb (Berkeley, CA) AP2 .B512

Berkshire Sampler (Pittsfield, MA) HQ76.3 U5 B51

Best Friends “a womenís poetry magazine” (Albuquerque, NM) PN6109.9 .B56

Bet Mishpachah: The Gay Synagogue of Washington D.C. (Washington, D.C.) Religious

BETA (Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS) (San Francisco, CA) AIDS, HIV RA644 A25 B47

Beth Chadiym

Bi Women (Cambridge, MA) Bisexual, Entertainment HQ74 .B57

Bi-Girls: Michelleís Womenís Adult Wrestling Club (Los Angeles, CA)

Bi-Monthly: Newsletter of the Bisexual Center (San Francisco, CA) Bisexual, Entertainment

Big (New York, NY) TR675 .B59

Big 100, The

Big Apple Dyke News (New York, NY) HQ75 .B59

Big Boys (Washington DC), Erotica TR675 .B592

Big Boys, The Physique TR675 .B592

Big David Entertainment

Big Mama Rag (Denver, CO) Feminist HQ1101 .B592

Big Red Rag , The (Ithaca, NY) Feminist HQ 1101 .B59

Bimbox Zine

Bird, The (Atlanta, GA) AP2 G78

Black Lace (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75.3 B62

Black/ Out (National Coalition for Black Lesbians and Gays Newsletter) (Washington DC) African-American, Gay HQ75 .B62

Blacklight (Washington, DC) African-American, Gay HQ75 .B625

Blade (changed to Washington Blade and formerly Gay Blade) (Washington, DC) HQ76.6 .W3 G28

BLK (Los Angeles, CA) African-American, Gay HQ75 .B64

Bloodroot (Grand Forks, ND) Literary PS508 .W7 .B65

Blue Notes: The National Magazine of Gay Correspondence

Blueboy (New York, NY) Erotica HQ75 .B65

Bob Damronís Address Book (San Francisco, CA) Entertainment HQ75 .B662

Body Beautiful (Jersey City, NJ) Physique TR675 .B66

Body Building Body building, 1920s

Body Molding (Philadelphia, PA) Body building GV201 .B66

Body Positive (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 .B66

Bolt Erotica

Bondings (New Ways Ministry) Religious BX1795 .H66 .B71

Boot Physique

Boston Gay Review (Boston, MA) Gay male, Literary PN56 .H57. B74

Bottomfish Blues: a Voice for the Amazon Nation (New York, NY) African-American, Feminist HQ1101 .B75

Bound and Gagged (New York, NY) Erotica, S/M HQ79.B76

Bow to One Another (Dillard, OR)

Boy Nudist

Boys Physique

Brains: The Journal of Egghead Sexuality

Brawn Physique

Bread: a revolutionary gay worker-street press

Breakthrough (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .B82

Brooklyn College Womenís Center (also Women Focus, Some Unsaid Things) (New York, NY) HQ1101 .W872

Brooklyn NOW Newsletter (New York, NY) Feminist HQ1101 B87

Broomstick “by, for and about women over forty” (San Francisco, CA) Women, Feminist, Aged HQ1059.5 .U5 .B87

Brother Anti-sexist men

Bunky Physique

Buzz: The Talk of Los Angeles News, Entertainment HQ75 .B98

BWMT/NY (Black and White Men Together, New York) (New York, NY) HQ75 .B99

Cabirion (previously Gay Books Bulletin) (New York, NY) HQ75.5 G28

Calendar (San Diego, CA) Entertainment

Calendar (Lesbian and Gay Pride Week) (New York, NY) HQ75 .C14

California Scene (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75 .C15

California Voice (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .V88

Camp and Carry On


Capital District Gay Report (Albany, NY) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .C242

Capital Forum News (Salem, OR) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .C24

Carasa News (Comm. for Abortion Rights/Against Sterilization Abuse)

Carolina Lesbian News (Charlotte, NC)

Carribean Heat (Santurce, Puerto Rico) Entertainment, Travel, People of Color HQ75 .C27

Catalog (Lambda Rising, Inc.) (Washington DC) Catalog PN56 .H57 C35

CCSA: Meeting Human Needs (Commission on Christian Social Action of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches)[changes to DCSA: Department on Social Action] (Washington, D.C.) Religious

CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention (Atlanta, GA) AIDS, HIV

Celebrasian Erotica, Travel

Cellmate, The (Garden Grove, CA) Religious

Center for Womenís Studies and Services (San Diego, CA) Feminist HQ1101 .C39

Center Voice (New York, NY) Gay, Lesbian, Community service, News HQ75 .C39

Chain Male Erotica, S/M

Challenge (Gay Activist Alliance) (Morris County, NJ)

Champ (New York, NY) TR675 .C44

Champ Annual (New York, NY) TR675 .C441

Changes (Winterpark, FL)

Changing Men (Madison, WI) HQ1090 .3 C45

Changing Woman

Checkmate (Wyoming, PA) Erotica, S/M +HQ79 .C5

Chicago Gay Crusader (Chicago, IL) HQ76.8 .U5 C53

Chicago Gay Pride

Chiron Rising (formerly Swan) (Victorville, CA) Gay male, Aged HQ1060 .C54

Chorus Lines – New York City Gay Menís Chorus (New York, NY)

Christian Inquirer (Henrietta, NY) Religious

Christo Life (Phoenix, AZ) Religious

Christopher St. (New York, NY) HQ75 .C55

Chrome Roses Review (Leroy, NY) Women motorcyclists

Chrysalis: a magazine of womenís culture (Los Angeles, CA) HQ1101 .C55

Chrysalis Quarterly (Decatur, GA) HQ77 .9 C55

Church and the Homosexual Religious

Churchmen Speak Out on Homosexual Law Reform Religious

Ciao! Travel

Circle (Madison, WI) Witches, Religious: Pagan BF1001 .C57

Citizens News (previously LCE News) (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .C58

City Edition (Chicago, IL)

City Women “The Womanís Guide To New York” (New York, NY) HQ1439 .N6 .C58

Cleveland Gay News HQ75 . C62

Clothesdick Erotica

Club International (Newtown, CT) Erotica HQ450. C64

Coast to Coast Times (previously Pacific Coast Times) (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75 .P11

Collective Consciousness (San Francisco, CA)

Color Life! :The Lesbian, Gay, Twospirit, & Bisexual, People of Color Magazine (New York, NY) People of color, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual HQ75 .C71

Colt Men Erotica

Colt Studios Presents Erotica

Columbia Spectator (Columbia University) (New York, NY)

Columbus Gay Activist (Columbus, OH)

Columns HQ75 .C72

Columns Northwest (Seattle, WA) HQ75 .C72

Come Out! (New York, NY) HQ75 .C73

Coming Up! (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .C732

Coming Up Strong Erotica

Common Ground: a newsmagazine of the Womenís Coalition (Milwaukee, WI) Feminist HQ1101 .C73

Common Lives/Lesbian Lives (Iowa City, IA) Lesbian HQ75.6 .U5 .C73

Common Sense (Philadelphia, PA)

Community Connections (Appalachias, NY) HQ75 .C733

Community Press (Norfolk, VA)

Community Pride Reporter (MN) HQ75 .C734

Company Q (Phoenix, AZ) Catalog HF5465.5 .C73

Compass (Hollywood, CA) Entertainment HQ75 .C735

Concern (Los Angeles, CA) Religious

Conditions (Brooklyn, NY) Lesbian, Literary

Connection, The

Connection, The (Johnson City, NY) AIDS, HIV RC 607 .A26 C75

Connection, The (Los Angeles, CA) Religious: Seventh-day Adventist HQ75 .C75

Connections (Austin, TX) Community service HQ75 .C752

Connexions (Oakland, CA) Feminist HQ1101 .C75

Contact (Houston, TX) HQ75 .C755

Cornell SHL News (previously Gay Liberation Bulletin) (Ithaca, NY) +LH1 .C81 G28

Corsair (Santa Monica College)

COSMEP Newsletter (Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers) (San Francisco, CA) Z231.5 .L5 .C83

Country Women (Albion, CA) HQ1101 .C85

CR Classics (Monterey Park, CA) Erotica, Large gay men HQ1060 .C88

Craftswimminís Mutual Aid Society (CMAS Newsletter) (E. Lansing, MI) Feminist, Visual arts N43 .C64

Critique: Exposing Consensus Reality (Santa Rosa, CA) AP2 .C937

Cronicle: Croneís Nest Newsletter (St. Augustine, FL)

Crosswinds: Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society, Inc (New York, NY) HQ75 .C95

Cruise (Atlanta, GA) Entertainment HQ75 .C9521

Cruise News and World Report (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .C954

Cruise Weekly (Detroit, MI) Entertainment HQ75 .C953

CSC Newsletter (Childhood Sexuality Circle) (El Cajon, CA) sexual liberation

CUGALA (Cornell University Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association) (Ithaca, NY) HQ75.C96

Cunt (San Francisco, CA) Zine

Curve (formerly Deneuve) (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .D39

CWAO News (Coalition of Womenís Arts Organizations)

D.C. Gazette (Washington, D.C.) F191 .D2

Dallas / Fort Worth Gay News (Dallas, TX) HQ75 .D14

Dallas Voice: The Community Newspaper for Gay and Lesbian Dallas (Dallas, TX)

Damron Address Book (San Francisco, CA) Directory HQ75 .D18 or

Dart Erotica

Data-Boy (San Francisco, CA) Entertainment HQ75 .D23

David and His Friends Erotica

David (previously In This Week, later changes to Networks) (San Francisco, CA)

De Ambiente: revista latina bisexual, lesbica, y gay de Los Angeles (Hollywood, CA) HQ75. D27

Dean Magazine Zine

Demi Gods (New York, NY) Physique TR675 .D371

Demi Gods (Union City, NJ) Physique TR675 .D37

Deneuve (later changed to Curve) HQ75 .D39

Desperate Living (Baltimore, MD) Lesbian, Lesbian separatists

Detroit Gay Liberator (previously Detroit Liberator) (Detroit, MI) HQ75 .D48

Detroit Womenís Voice (Detroit, MI)

Deuce Erotica

Di-Mension (Philadelphia, PA)

Dialog (Kenosha, WI) Women HQ1101 .D532

Dialogue (Washington, D.C.) Religious

Dialogue: a newsletter for Cornell women (Ithaca, NY) HQ1101 .D53

Diary Women, Literary

Dick (New York, NY) Erotica HQ450 .D54

Different Beat (San Francisco, CA)

Different Light Review

Digest (San Francisco, CA) Religious: Jewish

Dignity (Chicago, IL) Religious

Dignity (Washington DC) Religious

Dignity-Integrity/Rochester (Rochester, NY) Religious

Dimensions (Lubbock, TX) Entertainment

Dimensions (San Diego, CA) Religious H66. D58

Dinah (previously Dinah sour News) (Cincinnati, OH) Lesbian HQ 75 .D58

Directory 85 (Minneapolis, MN.)

Division 44 Newsletter (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian and Gay Issues) (Hermosa Beach, CA) HQ75 .D61

Do It NOW (Chicago, IL then Washington, DC) ++HQ1101 .N27

Doi Dien/Face to Face: the voice of Vietnamese Lesbians and Gays (San Jose, CA) Literary HQ76.2 .V6 .D63

Domestic Partners (San Francisco, CA)

Donít Panic Catalog

Dorian Book Quarterly (San Francisco, CA) Book reviews HQ75 .D69

Dorian Book Service

Dork Dyke (Chicago, IL) Feminist HQ1402 .D65

Double F, The (New York, NY) Anti-sexist men HQ1075 .D72

Double F-A Magazine of Effeminism (merged with Faggotry) (New York, NY) HQ1075 .D72

DPN: Diseased Pariah News (Oakland, CA) AIDS, HIV RA644 .A25 .D61

Dragonfly (New York, NY) Pedophilia HQ462. D75

Drum (Philadelphia, PA) HQ75. D79

Drummer (San Francisco, CA) (7313 unprocessed)

Drummer Daddies (San Francisco, CA)

Dungeon Master (Chicago, IL) s/m HQ79 .D91

Dyke (New York, NY) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .D98

Dyke Shorts (Oakland, CA) Comics

Dykes To Watch Out For (Ithaca, NY) Calendar HQ75.6 .U5 .D99

Dykes Unite (Geneseo, NY) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .D99

Eastern Mattachine Magazine (New York, NY) HQ75. N534

Eclipse: The Shanti Project Newsletter (San Francisco, CA) AIDS, HIV RA644 .A25 .E192

Edge, The (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75. L11

Eidos (Boston, MA) Erotica, Feminist HQ29 .E34

Electric Circle (National Organization of Women NOW) (Pittsburgh, PA) Feminist HQ1101 .E38

Ellas Dicen (San Antonio, TX) News HQ75 .E44

Elysian Fields Catalog (Elmhurst, NY)

Empty Closet, The (Rochester, NY) HQ75 .6 .U5 E55

Encore Physique

Enterprising Women


Entertainment West (Los Angeles, CA) Entertainment HQ75 .E61

Eon (Berkeley, CA) Transsexual

Equal Times: Bostonís Newspaper for Working Women (Boston, MA) HQ75 .E64

Era (published by QQ–Queenís Quarterly) Physique

Era: The Magazine for the New Age (Hollywood, CA)

Esplanade (Boston, MA) Gay male HQ76.2 .U5 E77

Essays on Homosexuality (Armed Services and Homosexuality) (San Francisco, CA)

Esto no tiene nombre (Miami, FA) HQ75. E82


Even In Mississippi: Gay and Lesbian News for the Mississippi Gulf Coast (MS) HQ76.2 .U5 E93

Every Tenth Man

Everywoman (Los Angeles, CA) Feminist HQ1101 .E93

Executive Woman

Exodus Center Newsletter (Boston, MA) Religious

Fact Literary AP2 .F13

Fag Rag (Boston, MA) Gay male HQ 76.5 .F15

Fag Rag (South TX) Gay male, Entertainment

Faggotry (merges with Double-F) (New York, NY) HQ1075 .D718

Falcon (Baltimore, MD) Entertainment HQ75 .F18

Fast Pace! (Washington, DC) Gay male

Fat Girl: A Zine for Fat Dykes and the Women Who Want Them (San Francisco, CA) Zine

Female FYI

Female Impersonator News (FI News) (Belmar, NJ) Transvestite HQ77 .F43

Feminary: A Feminist Journal for the South (Chapel Hill, NC) Feminist

Feminist Art Journal (Brooklyn, NY) Women, Arts N43 .F32

Feminist Bulletin (Center for Womenís Studies and Services) (San Diego, CA) Feminist HQ1101 .C39

Feminist Clearinghouse Newsletter (Ithaca, NY) Feminist HQ1101 .F332

Feminist Collections (Madison, WI)

Feminist Studies (FS) (College Park, MD) Feminist HQ1101 .F32

Feminist Voices (Madison, WI) Women, News

Feminist Writersí Guild (Berkeley, CA) Women, Literary PS 151 .F32

Feminist Writersí Guild (New York, NY) Women, Literary PS 151 .F322

Ferrari Travel Planner (Phoenix, AZ) HQ75. F37

Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine (Los Angeles, CA) Zine HQ450 .F41

Fifth Freedom (Buffalo, NY) HQ75 .F46

Fighting Woman News (New York, NY) GV1111 .5 .F47

Finger (Beverly Hills, CA) Erotica, Heterosexual

First Hand: Experiences for Loving Men (Teaneck, NJ) HQ76. F52

Fizeek (Washington, DC) Physique TR675. F56

Fizeek Art Quarterly (Washington, DC) Physique N7626. F56

Flex Physique

Florida Knightlife (North Miami Beach, FA) Entertainment HQ75. F63

Focus: A Guide to Research and Counseling (San Francisco, CA) AIDS, HIV

Focus: A Journal for Gay Women (previously Maiden Voyage) (Boston Daughters of Bilitis) (Boston, MA) HQ75 .F65

Folsom (San Francisco, CA) s/m

Forgiveness News (San Francisco, CA)

Forum (published by Penthouse) (New York, NY) Erotica HQ1. F74

Forum, The Gay (Washington, DC) HQ75 .G279

Forward: The Jewish Gaily (San Franciso, CA) BM729 .H65 J59

Fountain: Voice of the Gay Northwest (Portland, OR) HQ75 .F77

Foxylady: Entertainment for Women

Freeway/LA (Los Angeles, CA) Religious BX1795 .H66 .F85

Freewoman, The (Arlington, TX) Feminist HQ1101 .F85

Fresh Men (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica

Friction (Los Angeles, CA) PS648 .H57 F89

Front Page (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .F932

Front Page, The: Serving Gay Men and Lesbians in the Carolinas since 1979 HQ75 .F932

Frontiers (North Hollywood, CA) HQ75 .F93

Frontrunners (San Francisco, CA) Sports

Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts (New York, NY) PS301 .F948

Furies, The (Washington, DC) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .F98

G.P.U. News (Milwaukee, WI) HQ75 .G62

GíVanim (Los Angeles, CA) Religious: Jewish BM729 .H65 .G99

Gaetano Erotica

Gai Saber (New York, NY) HQ75. G277

Gaiaís Guide (New York, NY) Lesbian, Travel HQ 75 .G13


Gala News (Eureka, CA)

GALA Realist (San Francisco, CA) Religious

GALA Review (Gay Atheists and Lesbians of America) BL2747.3 .G14

Gallery Physique

Gallery, Best of Erotica

GAPS (Gay Amateur Press Society)

Gawk (San Francisco, CA) Zine PN6071. H724 G28

Gay (New York, NY) HQ75 .G276

Gay 80s

Gay Academic, The (Palms Springs, CA) HQ76 .5 .G28

Gay Academic Union (New York, NY) HQ75 .G277

Gay Activist (New York, NY)

Gay Alternative (Philadelphia, PA) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G2812

Gay Areaís Telephone Directory (San Francisco, CA) Directory HQ75 .G2773

Gay Atheist News (New York, NY) Religious

Gay Bards (New York, NY) Literary

Gay Blade (New York, NY) HQ76.6 .W3 G28

Gay Books Bulletin (changes to Cabirion)(Gay Academic Union) (New York, NY) HQ75.5 .G28

Gay Bookworm (St. Paul, MN)

Gay Caucus Newsletter (Unitarian Universalist Gays) (Los Angeles, CA) Religious

Gay Chicago (Chicago, IL) HQ75 .G2755

Gay Christian (Los Angeles, CA) Religious

Gay Clone (Hunter College) (New York, NY)

Gay Comix (San Francisco, CA)

Gay Community Center (Baltimore, MD)

Gay Community News (Boston, MA) HQ75 .G287

Gay Confessions Erotica

Gay Crusader (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .G277

Gay Fatherís Forum

Gay Forum (Washington, D.C.) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G279

Gay Left HQ75 .G278

Gay Liberator HQ75 .D48

Gay Life (Chicago, IL)

Gay Life (New York, NY)

Gay Light (Syracuse, NY) HQ75 .G2784

Gay Literature (Fresno, CA) PS509 .H57 .G28

Gay Media Alliance

Gay New York (New York, NY) Gay, Entertainment HQ75 .G2815

Gay News (previously Philadelphia Gay News) (Philadelphia, PA) HQ75 .P54

Gay News Telegraph (St. Louis, MO) HQ75. G281

Gay Olí Times (Roseburg, OR)

Gay Paper (changes to Baltimore Gay Paper) (Baltimore, MD) Gay liberation movement HQ75. B19

Gay People and Mental Health (Minneapolis, MN)

Gay Peopleís Chronicle (Cleveland, OH) HQ75 .G2825

Gay Peopleís Union (Milwaukee, WI) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G62

Gay Personís Guide to New England (Boston, MA)

Gay Power (New York, NY) HQ75 .G291

Gay Pride

Gay Revolution of Women (Rochester, NY) HQ75 .G283

Gay Scene (New York, NY) HQ75 .G28

Gay Southern News (Philadelphia, PA) HQ75 .M796

Gay Sunshine (Berkeley, CA) HQ75 .G284

Gay Synagogue News (New York, NY) Religious BM729 .H65 .G28

Gay Teachersí Association Newsletter (New York, NY)

Gay Times ( Northern CA) Erotica, 1970s, News, Gay male HQ75 .G292

Gay Times: Newsletter of the Gay Community Center (Middletown, NY)

Gay Travel from A to Z (Phoenix, AZ) Travel HQ75 .G2847

Gay World Entertainment

Gay-Zette (Linwood, NJ)

Gaybook (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .G2773

Gayellow Pages Central United States and Canada Edition HQ75 .G2885

Gayellow Pages National Edition HQ75 .G288

Gayellow Pages Northeast Edition HQ75 .G2886

Gayellow Pages NYC Edition HQ75 .G2882

Gayellow Pages NYC/NJ Edition HQ75 .G2881

Gayellow Pages Southern Edition HQ75 .G2883

Gayellow Pages West Coast Edition HQ75 .G2884

Gaylactic Gayzette (Boston, MA) Gay trekkies

GayLife Chicago (Chicago, IL) HQ75 .G275

Gayly Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK) HQ75 .G285

Gayly Oklahoman, The (Oklahoma City, OK) HQ75. G285

Gays On the Hill (Washington DC) Religious BR115 .H6 .G28

Gayscene (Detroit, MI) HQ75. G289

Gaysette (Philadelphia, PA) HQ76 .8 .U5 W39

Gaysweek (New York, NY) HQ75 .G286

Gayzette (changes to Gazette) (Atlanta, GA) ++HQ75 .G293

Gaze (Memphis, TN) HQ75 .G29

Gazette (formerly Gayzette) (Atlanta, GA) ++HQ75 .G293

Gazette, The (Tampa Bay, FA)

GCN (Gay Community News) HQ75 .G287

Genre (Los Angeles, CA) Entertainment, News HQ75 .G33



Georgetown Voice

Gerbil (Rochester, NY) Zine, Queer HQ76 .G36

GGBA Newsletter (Greater Gotham Business Association)

GGBC (Greater Gotham Business Council) (Chelsea Station, NY) Community service

Gibbous Rising (Sacramento, CA)

Ginger and Spice (Portland, OR) Gay, Lesbian

Girlfriends (Half Moon Bay, CA) HQ75 .G52

Girljock (San Francisco, CA) Lesbian athletes, Sports GV708 .8 .G52

Girth and Mirth Newsletter

GLAAD Bulletin (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) HQ75 .G54

GLAAD Dispatch (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) (Hollywood, CA) HQ75 .G542

GLAAD Images (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) (Hollywood, CA) HQ75 .G544

GLADD Newsletter (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) (New York, NY)

GLC Voice, The (Minneapolis, MN) HQ75 .G55

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies HQ 75 .G56

GMAD (Gay Men of African Descent) (New York, NY) African-American, Gay male HQ75 .G562

GMHC (Gay Menís Health Crisis) (Albany, NY) Gay health

GMSMA News – Gay Male S/M Activist (New York, NY)

Go Go Jelly Roll Erotica

GO! Magazine of Gay Outdoor Men and Women (Riverside, CA)

Going Places In Florida (FA)

GOLD: Gay Ohio Living Data HQ75 .G61

Gold (see GOLD: Gay Ohio Living Data)

Gold: The International Magazine for International Men

Golden Boys (San Francisco, CA)

Golden Threads (Burlington, VT) Lesbian +HQ 75.6 .U5 G61

Good Times! (OH) HQ75 .G645

Good-bye To All That (Austin, TX) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .G64

Gotham (New York, NY) HQ75 .G68

Gotham (New York, NY) HQ75. G682

Grandeur (New York, NY) Physique TR675 .G75

Gravida (Hartsdale, NY) Literary PS580 .G77

Grecian Guild Pictorial (Washington, DC) Physique TR675 .G78

Grecian Guild Studio Quarterly (Washington, DC) Physique

Green Mountain Dyke News (Bennington, VT) HQ75 .G79

Greenwood/Cooper Catalog (West Hollywood, CA) Catalog HF5465.5 .G81

Greyhuff Review, The (Minneapolis, MN) TR681 .M4 G84

GSN (Gay Social Network) (Southwest FL)

GT: Gay Times (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .G89

Guardian, The: Independent Radical Newsweekly (New York, NY) HN1 .G91

Guide, The (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .G942

Guide, The (Guide to Gay New England) HQ75 .G94

Guide, The (Guide to the Gay Northeast) (Boston, MA) HQ75. G94

Guide, The (International Pacific Northwest Magazine of Gay/Lesbian Life)

Guide, The (Manhattan edition; publication of Gay Times) HQ75 .942

Guys Erotica

Gynegraph (Binghampton, NY) PS589 .G99

H.E.L.P. (Homophile Effort for Legal Protection) (Hollywood, CA) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .H48

Habari-Habari Religious

Hans (the Boys of Northern Europe) Erotica, Physique

Hard Erotica

Hardrock Erotica

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, The (single issue)

Hawk Physique

He Physique

Heartland: Midwest gays and lesbians newspaper (Indianapolis, IN) ++HQ76.8 .U5 H43

Hellas (Washington, D.C.) Nudism GV450 .H47

Her Say (San Francisco, CA)

Hera (Binghampton, NY)

Heracane (Pomona, NJ) Women, Literary HQ1101 .H53

Hercules Physique

Herizon (Binghampton, NY)

Herland Voice, The (Oklahoma City, OK) Feminist HQ1101 .H55

Hermes Physique

High Gear: Ohioís Gay Journal (Cleveland, OH) HQ75 .H73

High Heels

High Society Erotica HQ450 .H63

Hit Parade (New York, NY)

Hitchhiker Erotica

Hits & Misses (Womenís Martial Arts) Sports

HIV Alive (Washington, DC) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 H666

HIV Frontline (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV

Holy Apostlesí News (New York, NY) Religious

Holy Tit Clamps (San Francisco, CA) Zine PS509 .H57 H76

Hombre Erotica TR681 .M4 H76

Hombre Scene (New York, NY) Erotica, Latina, Latino, Hispanic, Gay male HQ76 .H762

Homebrew (Journal of Womenís Witchcraft) Religious: Spirituality

Homo xtra (New York, NY) HQ75 .H762

Homosexual Citizen (Washington, DC)

Homosexual Counseling Journal (New York, NY) HQ75 .H766

Homosexual Information Center Newsletter

Homosexual Sexuality HQ75 .H762

Homosexuality: Lesbians and Gay Men in Society, History, and Literature (New York, NY) Catalog

Homosexuals Intransigent (New York, NY)

Homoture Zine

Honcho (New York, NY) Erotica HQ450 .H76

Hooker Handbook (New York, NY) Erotica, Heterosexual, Sexual liberation

Hoot ëN Howl (Modesto, CA)

Hot Black Men (San Francisco, CA) Erotica, African-American TR675 .H83

Hot Dog (Teaneck, NJ) Erotica

Hot Male Review (Los Angeles, CA)

Hot/Shots Erotica

Hotrocks (Toluca Lake, CA) Erotica HQ450 .H83

Hotspots (Atlanta, GA)

Houston Voice

HQ75 .D23

HRC Quarterly (Human Rights Campaign) (Washington, DC) HQ75 .H91

Human Events

Hurricane Alice Feminist

Hustler Erotica, Heterosexual HQ450 .H97

Hustlerís Holiday (HH)

HX (Homo Xtra) HQ75 .H762

Hyacinths and Biscuits Literary

I Know You Know (Indianapolis, IN)

I.T. (In Touch) (Hollywood, CA) Erotica HQ75 .I352

If the Shoe Fits (San Diego, CA)

IFO-LEOFFRCO (Chicago, IL) Gay employment

IGLA Bulletin

Image (San Fracisco, CA)

Impact (New Orleans, LA) HQ75 .I34

Impact News (Salem, OR) HQ75 .I342

Impulse (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica, Heterosexual

In Newsweekly:New Englandís Largest Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Newsweekly (New England)

In Step: Wisconsinís LesBiGay Magazine

In the Life (New York, NY) HQ76 .3 U5 I35

In the Life: newsletter of the West Coast Lesbian Collections (Oakland, CA) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75.6 .U5 I35

In Touch For Men (also: I.T.) (Hollywood, CA) Erotica, Erotica HQ75 .I352

In Unison (Columbia, SC) HQ75 .I351

In Unity (Los Angeles, CA) Religious BR115 .H6 .I35

Inches Erotica, Gay male

Indianapolis Now!

INFO News: Womenís Information Center (Syracuse, NY) HQ1438 .N I43

Iniquity Erotica, Gay male

Inside OUT Youth (Austin, TX) HQ75 .I59

Insight (New York, NY) Religious BX. 1795. H66. I59

Integrity (Fort Valley, GA) Religious: Episcopal BR 115 .H6 .I61

Intercollegiate (Boston, MA)

Interim (Mattachine Society, Inc) (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .I614

International Guild Guide (Washington DC) Entertainment HQ75 .I612

International Journal of Greek Love (New York, NY)

International Male (San Diego, CA) Catalog

International Nudist Sun Physique

Intimate and Gay Diary, An Transsexual HQ71 .I61

Into the Courts (NGRA) (San Francisco, CA)

Is gay good?: ethics theology, and homosexuality (Philadelphia, PA) HQ 76 .I73

Island Lesbianís Magazine (Honolulu, HI) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75.6 U5 I85

Itís Time (National Gay Task Force) (Washington, DC) Politics HQ75 .I89

Ithaca Lesbian Gay Bisexual Task Force (Ithaca, NY) Lesbian, Feminist +HQ 76.3 .U5 O587

Ithaca Womenís Center (Ithaca, NY) HQ1101 .I89

James White Review, The (Minneapolis, MN) Literary PS536.2 .J29

Jane Doe (Womenís Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice) (Romulus, NY) JX1965 .J33

Janus Society Newsletter (Philadelphia, PA)

Javelin Erotica, Gay


Jewish Gaily Forward, The (San Francisco, CA) Religious: Jewish BM729. H65 .J59

Jock HQ75 .J63


Journal of Homosexuality

Journal of Sex Research (New York, NY) HQ1 .J86

Jr. (New York, NY) TR675 .J89

Jr. Annual (New York, NY) Physique TR675 .J891

Judy! (Iowa City, IA) HQ75 .J93

Jugaica (Chicago, IL) Religious: Jewish

Just Men (New York, NY) Erotica, Erotica, Gay male HQ450 .J96

Just Out (Portland, OR) Alternative local newspaper, Entertainment HQ75 .J96

Kalendar (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 ,K14

Keynotes: Official Newsletter of the Rochester Gay Menís Chorus (Rochester, NY)

Kinship Connection (Los Angeles, CA) Religious: Seventh-day Adventist

Klondyke Cuntree (AK) Lesbian HQ75 .K66

Klondyke Kontact (Anchorage, AK) Lesbian HQ75 .K66

Knight Life (Jackson Heights, NY) Entertainment HQ75 K71

Kuumba: a poetry journal for Black Lesbians and Gay Men (Los Angeles, CA) African-American, Gay PS595 .H65 K97

L.A. Edge (later called “Edge”) (North Hollywood, CA) HQ75 .L11

L.A.W. (Lesbian Alumnae of Wellesley) Newsletter (Cambridge, MA)

L.A. Weekly (Los Angeles, CA) Entertainment F869 .L8 L11

L.I. Connection (Huntington, NY) HQ75 .L113

“L” Word, The (Bayside, CA)

LíAffaire Erotica TR676 .A25

La Voz de Esperanza (San Antontio, TX)

Ladder, The (daughters of Bilitis) (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .L15

Ladyslipper Catalog (Durham, NC)

Lambda Book Report (Washington DC) Gay male, Literary PN56 .H57 L21

Lambda- Carolina Gay Association Newsletter (Los Angeles, CA)

Lambda Legal Defense (New York, NY) Gay liberation movement

Lambda News (San Jose, CA) HQ75 .L21

Lambda Philatelic Journal (Hartford, CT) Stamp collecting HE6183 .H57 L21

Lambda Rising News (Washington DC) PN56 .H57 L211

Landward Ho! (Scio, OR)

(later changed to twn: South Floridaís Gay Alternative ) (Miami, FL) HQ75 .W39

Latitudes (International Gay and Lesbian Association) (Washington, D.C.) HQ75 .L35

Lavender and Red Book, The

Lavender Morning (Kalamazoo, MI) Lesbian HQ75 .L39

Lavender Network (Eugene, OR) HQ75 .L392

Lavender Opinion (Ithaca, NY) Lesbian HQ76 .L39

Lavender Woman (Chicago, IL) HQ75 .L393

Lazarus Rising (Los Angeles, CA) Religious

Leísbeinformed (LRC Newsletter) (Minneapolis, MN) HQ75.6 .U5 L622

Leaping Lesbian (Ann Arbor, MI) HQ75 .L43

Leathermanís Workbook

Lesbian Alliance of Metro Milwaukee Lesbian

Lesbian and Gay Historical Society of San Diego (San Diego, CA)

Lesbian and Gay News (St. Louis, MO) HQ75 .G281

Lesbian Center Newsletter (Lets Be An Apple Pie Collective) (Lansing, MI) Lesbian HQ75 .L622

Lesbian Community News (Lincoln Legion of Lesbians) (Lincoln, NE) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75.6 .U5 l623

Lesbian Connection (East Lansing, MI) Lesbian HQ76.3 .U5 L62

Lesbian Contradiction: A Journal of Irreverent Feminism (San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA) Lesbian HQ75 .L62

Lesbian Feminist (New York, NY) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .L624

Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter (New York, NY) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .L65

Lesbian Insider Insighter Inciter (Minneapolis, MN) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75.6 .U5 L62

Lesbian News, The (Canoga Park, CA) Lesbian HQ75.5 .L622

Lesbian News, The (Santa Monica, CA) Lesbian HQ75. 5.L622

Lesbian Periodical Index, The (Tallahassee, FA) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .6.U5 P86

Lesbian Resource Center (Seattle, WA) Lesbian HQ75.6 .U5 L621

Lesbian Resource Center Newsletter (Rochester, NY) Lesbian HQ75 .G283

Lesbian Tide (Daughters of Bilitis) (Los Angeles, CA) Lesbian HQ75 .L621

Lesbian Uprisings (San Francisco, CA) News

Lesbian Visionaries (Dallas, TX) News

Lesbian Voices (Campbell, CA) Lesbian HQ75.6 .U5 L624

Lesbians in Colorado Lesbian

Lesbians Rising (Hunter College, (New York, NY) Lesbian HQ75 .L623

LesTalk: The Magazine for Empowering Lesbians/Womyn (St. Louis, MO) Lesbian HQ75 .L625

Let There Be Love Erotica, Gay male

Letters From Female Impersonators (Jersey City, NJ) Transvestite HQ77 .L64

Lib Newsletter (Houston, TX) HQ75 .L69

Liberated Womanís Appointment Calendar (New York, NY) HQ1105 .L69

Libido: Journal of Sex and Sensibility (Chicago, IL) Erotica HQ450 .L69

Life Line (Lesbian and Gay Seventh-Day Adventists) (San Francisco, CA) Religious

Lifelines (Honolulu, HI)

Light: A Poetry Review (Stuyvesant Station, NY) PS614 .L72


Like, Young

Little Caesar (Los Angeles, CA) PS580 .L77

Logomotive (single issue) Bisexual, Entertainment

Long Island Connection (Huntington, NY) HQ.75 .L113

Longest Revolution, The : news and views of progressive feminism (San Diego, CA) Feminist HQ1101 .L85

Love Machines Erotica, Gay male HQ 450 .L89

Loving Brotherhood Newsletter, The (Sussex, NJ)


M2M (San Antonio, TX) Catalog HF5465.5 .M11


Mach (San Francisco, CA) Erotica, S/M HQ79 .M149

MACT (Men of All Colors Together)previously BWMT/NY (New York, NY) News HQ75 .B99

Mad Moose Gazette (Madison, WI)

Made in Gay America Catalog

Madison Edge, The

Magazine of Modern Sex (Los Angeles, CA) HQ1 .M18



Maine Lesbian Feminist Newsletter

Maize: A Lesbian Country Magazine (Preston Hollow, NY) HQ75 .6 U5 M23

Majority Report (New York, NY) Women HQ1101 .M23

Male Call (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica, Gay male

Male Classics TR675 .M238

Male Express, The (CA) HQ75 .M24

Male Figure (Los Almitos, CA) TR 675 .M24

Male Nude Physique

Male Orgasm Erotica

Male Physique TR675 .M242

Male Pictorial (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica

Male Pix (San Francisco, CA) TR675 .M243

Male Pix Beefcake (New York, NY) TR675 .M2431

Male Pose Physique

Male Swinger (Washington DC) Erotica TR675 .M246

Male, The TR675 .M241

Malebox News Gay male, Classifieds

Man 2 Man

Man Alive (New York, NY) TR675 .M26

Manís Guide to Gay America, A HQ75 .M28

Manís World Physique TR675 .M285

Mandate (New York, NY) Erotica, Gay male HQ75

Mandingo (San Francisco, CA) African-American, Gay male, Erotica TR675 .M265

Manhandlers Erotica

Manhattan GX PN1561 .M27

Manifest (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .M275

Manifest Reader (Forestville, CA) Erotica

Manly Devotion Erotica

Manmade Erotica

Manorama (Washington DC) TR675 .M28

Manpower Erotica

Manroot Literary

Manscape Erotica

Manual (Washington DC) Physique TR675 .M29

Margins: A review of Little Magazines and Small Press Books (Milwaukee, WI) +PS501 .M32

Mark tours North American Gay Hotel Guidebook Travel

Market Reports Newsletter (Seattle, WA) Erotic films, Erotica PN1995.9 .S45 .M34

Marquise, The (San Antonio, TX) HQ75 .M35

MARS (Chicago, IL) Physique TR675 .M36

Matriarchist (Brooklyn, NY) HQ1101 .M43


Matrices: A Lesbian/Feminist Research Newsletter (University of Minnesota) (MN) HQ75 .M425

Mattachine Midwest Newsletter (Chicago, IL) HQ75 .N555

Mattachine Newsletter (New York, NY) HQ75 .N534

Mattachine Newsletter (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .M42

Mattachine Review (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .M43

Mattachine Society Today (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75 .M431

Mattachine Times HQ75 .N534

Maverick (New York, NY) HQ75 .M46

MCC Times (Metropolitan Community Church of Washington) (Washington, D.C.) Religious

MCC Today (Metropolitan Community Church of the Ozarks) (Fayetteville, AK) Religious

Media Report to Women (Washington, DC) Mass media, Women HQ1482 .M48


Medical Alert (publication of the National Organization of People with AIDS) (Washington DC) AIDS, HIV

Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality (New York, NY) Medicine, Psychology HQ1 .M48

Memphis Gaze (TN) HQ75 .G29

Men and Art (New York, NY) TR675 .M53

Men International Physique

Men Magazine

Men Of Advocate Men (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica

Menís Style (Edison, NJ) HQ76 .2 U5 M548

Menstruatiní Idealists (Portland, OR) Zine HQ75 .M54

Mentor: Oregon Resource for Men Gender issues, News

Mercury Distributing Catalog, erotica

Meretricious Words (also Queens English) Prostitutes, English Language HQ 111 .G23

Met Newsletter (Silver Spring, MD) Heterosexual, Entertainment

METRA (Ferndale, MI) HQ75 .M48

Metro Gay News (Detroit, MI) HQ76.8 .U5 M.59

Metro Star (Houston, TX) HQ75 .M592

Metro Times (Dallas, TX)

Metroline (Hartford, CT)

Metropolitan Gazette (Atlanta, GA) HQ75 .M59

MetroSource (New York, NY) Travel HQ76 .8 .U5 M594

MGPC (Massachusetts Gay Political Caucus)

MGW HQ75 .M73

Michaelís Thing (New York, NY) Entertainment HQ75.

Michaelís Thing Chicago (Chicago, IL) Entertainment HQ75. M622

Mid-Hudson Valley AIDS Task Force (White Plains, NY) AIDS, HIV

Midtown Times, The (Atlanta, GA)

Midwest (Chicago, IL) HQ75 .M623

Mighty, The (Frontier Athletic Club of (Tijuana, Mexico) International HQ76 .M635

Mirror (Boston, MA)

Modern Adonis

Modern Man 1950s, Erotica

Modern Sex, The Magazine of (Los Angeles, CA) HQ1 .M18

Modus Operandi (Brookeville, MD) Literary PS501 .M69

MOHR Information (Michigan Organization for Human Rights) (Grand Rapids, MI) Gay liberation movement

Mom Guess What/MGW (Sacramento, CA) HQ75 .M73

Momís Apple Pie, Lesbian Motherís National Defense Fund (Seattle, WA) HQ75 .53 M73

Monk Gay male, Travel

Monthly Cycle (Lawrence, KS) Lesbian HQ75 .M78

Montrose Star (Houston, TX) HQ75 .M815

Montrose Voice (Houston, TX) HQ75 .M796

Moonstorm (St. Louis, MO) Lesbian HQ75 .M81

More Light Update: Presbyterians for Lesbian and Gay Concerns (New Hampton, NJ) Religious BR115 .H6 M83

Morena (Berkeley, CA) Women of color HQ1101 .M84

Morning Due: A Journal of Men Against Sexism (Seattle, WA) Anti-sexist men

Motheroot Journal (Pittsburgh, PA) Book reviews, Feminist HQ1101 .M91

Motive (New York, NY) Feminist BX8201 .M91

Mountain Laurel (Berkeley Springs, WV) HQ1101 .M92

Mouth of the Dragon Literary

Mr. Big Physique

Mr. In Magazine

Mr.: Male Review

Ms. (New York, NY)

Muscle Sculpture (Union City, NJ) Physique TR675 .M982

Muscle Teens Physique

Muscle Training Physique

Muscleboy (New York, NY) Physique TR675 .M98

Mustard Seed, The (New York, NY) Religious BR115 .H6 .M99

My Comrade/Sister (New York, NY) Zine HQ75 .M99

My Secret Life in the Mail (Concord, CA) Book reviews PN4734 .M99

NABWMT: National Association of Black and White Men Together Gay, People of Color HQ75. N27

NAN Monitor (Washington, DC) AIDS, HIV

NAPWA News (Washington, DC) AIDS, HIV

National Alliance (New York, NY) Politics E740 .N53

National Lampoon (special gay issue) (New York, NY) Humor

National NOW Times (Washington, DC) Feminist HQ1101 .N27

National Womenís Political Caucus Newsletter (NWPC) (see W74) (Washington DC) Women in politics HQ1236 .N99

NC Pride Newsletter

Neighborhood Women Network News (Brooklyn, NY) HQ1101 .N39

NEST: New Eastern Standard Times (MD) HQ75 .N536

Network News (Washington, DC) AIDS, HIV

Neurotica (New York, NY) AP2 .N49

New Boston Review Literary, Entertainment

New Day, A (Washington, D.C.) Religious

New Dudes Erotica

New Eastern Standard Times, The (Baltimore, MD) HQ75 .N536

New England Community Guide for Gay Men and Lesbians (Boston, MA) HQ75 .N531

New Faces

New Horizon (Willston Part, NY)

New Indicator

New Phoenix Rising: Asian/Pacific Lesbians Newsletter (Oakland, CA) Lesbian HQ75 .6 U5 N53

New Republic, The<single issue, feature: “Straight America, Gay America”

New Voice: Gay News for Texas and Louisiana, The

New Womenís Times (Rochester, NY) Feminist HQ1101 .N535

New York Alliance (New York, NY) Politics E740 .N53

New York Hymnal, The (New York, NY) Religious

New York Knight Life (New York, NY) Entertainment HQ75. N533

New York Mattachine Newsletter (New York, NY) HQ75 .N534

New York Native (New York, NY) HQ75 .N54

New York Review of Sex

New York State Coalition of Gay Organizations (New York, NY) HQ75 .N53

News (Los Angeles, CA)

News Jersey (New Brunswick, NJ)

News Midwest (Evanston, IL) HQ75 .N55

News West (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75 .N552

Newsletter NWPC

Newsletter, NY Chapter Daughters of Bilitis (New York, NY) HQ75 .N551

Newslink (Fresno, CA) news

Newspage/ Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media (Berkeley, CA) HQ471 .W874

Next Magazine (single issue) (New York, NY) Gay, Entertainment HQ75 .N56

Night and Day (New York, NY) Gay arts, Entertainment HQ 75 .N678

Night Shift (Terryville, CT) HQ75 .N68

Niteline (New York, NY)

NJ Act Up (Teaneck, NJ)

No Bad News (NBN) (St. Louis, MO) HQ75 .N73


North Bi Northwest (Seattle, WA) Bisexual, Entertainment

Northeast Alive (Albany, NY) HQ75 .N87

Northwest Journal (Seattle, WA)

Notes from the Underground: the PWA Health Group Newsletter (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV

NOW New York State (various cities) Feminist HQ1101 .N942

Now, Voyagers! The Newsletter for Gay Travelers (New York, NY)

NOW York Woman (New York, NY) Feminist

NS Kampfruf (National Socialist League Publication) (Los Angeles, CA) Nazi gays HS2330 .N21 .N13

NS Mobilizer (National Socialist League Publication) (Los Angeles, CA) Nazi gays HS2330 .N21 .N13

Nudist Youth

Numbers (New York, NY) Erotica, Gay male HQ450 .N97

Nuntius (TX) HQ75 .N97

NW Fountain (Portland, OR) HQ75 .N99

NYC NEws (New York, NY) HQ75 .N532

NYC Parents of Lesbian and Gay Men Newsletter) (New York, NY) Families of gay men and Lesbians

NYQ (New York, NY) HQ 76 .3.U5 N95

Odysseus (Flushing, NY) Travel E158 .O23

Off our backs (Washington, DC) Feminist HQ1101 .O32

Olympus (Studio City, CA) Erotica, Gay male TR675 .O53

On Our Backs (San Francisco, CA) Erotica, Lesbian HQ75 .O748

On Our Rag (San Francisco, CA) Zine, Lesbian

One (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75 .O58

One Confidential (Los Angeles, CA) HQ75 .O581

One Institute Quarterly: Homophile Studies (Los Angeles, CA) HQ57 .O582

Ong buom (Torrence, CA) Vietnamese-American, Heterosexual, Erotica +HQ1 .O58

Optimist (Los Angeles, CA) AIDS, HIV

Oregon Gay Rights Report (Portland, OR) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .O66

Other Paper, The (Providence, RI) HQ75 .O87

Other Voice, The (Binghampton, NY) HQ75 .O872

Otherviews (Grand Rapids, MI) Feminist HQ1101 .O87

Our Own (Wolf Creek, OR) Women, Aged HQ1059.5 .U5 O95

Our Own Community Press (Norfolk, VA) Religious BR115 .H6 .O93

Our Paper (San Jose, CA) HQ75 .O928

Our Sexual Health (Raleigh, NC) Health

Our Time (National Gay Task Force) (Washington, DC) HQ75 .O929

Our World: The International Gay Travel Magazine (Daytona Beach, FL)

Out (Los Angeles, CA) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .N553

Out (New York, NY) Entertainment, News HQ75 .O931

Out (Washington DC) Entertainment HQ75 .O942

OUT Front (Denver, CO.) HQ75 .O94

Out in San Antonio (out of print) (San Antonio, TX) HQ75 .O941

Out in the Mountains (Burlington, VT)

OUT Pittsburgh HQ75 .O932

Out Youth (New York, NY) Gay youth HQ75 .0946

Out Youth Austin (Austin, TX) HQ75 .I59

Out/Look: National Lesbian and Gay Quarterly (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .O93

Outcry (Teaneck, NJ) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 .O94

Outlines (Chicago, IL) HQ76 .3 U5 O956

Outlines: a newsletter for Ithacaís Lesbian and Gay Community (Ithaca, NY) HQ76.3 .U5 .O587

Outlook (New York, NY) Religious


Outrageous Women (Somerville, MA) s/m

Outspoken (Ithaca, NY) HQ75 .O895

Outweek (New York, NY) HQ76.3 .U5 O59

P.S.S.N (Positive social support network) (Sacramento, CA) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 P85

P.S.S.N. (Positive social support network) (Sacramento, CA) HIV/AIDS RC607.A26 P85

PAAC Notes (Physicians Association for AIDS Care) (Chicago, IL) Health, AIDS

Pacific Coast Times (P.C. Times) (changes to Coast to Coast Times) (San Diego, CA) HQ75 .P11

Package: Fred Halstedís Journal of Men, Fact & Opinion (Los Angeles .CA)

Pandemonium (Cambridge, MA) PN4888 .U5 P18

Pandemonium (Cambridge, MA) PN4888 .U5 P18

Pansy Beat Zine HQ75 .P19

Paper, The (Norfolk, VA) HQ75 .P21

Paragraph: Gay Fiction Quarterly PS648 .H57 P23

Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) HQ75 .P22

Parlee (Babylon, NY) Entertainment PN1561 .P25

Passport: “Crossing Cultures and Borders” (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .P28

Patlar Gazette (Sacramento, CA) HQ75 .P29

Paz y Liberación (Houston, TX) Mexican-American gays HQ75 .P34

Paz y Liberación (Spanish edition) (Houston, TX) HQ75 .P346

PC:The Newsletter of the Rochester Lesbian and Gay Political Caucus (Rochester, NY) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .P34

Pearl Diver (Portland, OR) Lesbian HQ75 .P35

Pedestal (Vancouver, BC) HQ1457 .P37

Penthouse (New York, NY) Erotica HQ1.P418

Penthouse Forum (New York, NY) Erotica HQ1 .F74

Penthouse Variations (New York, NY) Erotica HQ1 .P41

Performance (see: San Diego Performance)

PFLAG newsletter (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) (San Francisco, CA) Families of gay men and Lesbians HQ75 P22

PFLAGpole, The (Washington, DC) Families of gay men and Lesbians HQ75 .P52

Phi Delta Kappan (Bloomington, IN) Education

Philadelphia Gay News (PA) HQ75 .P54

Philadelphia Gayzette HQ76.8 .U5 W39

Physique Photos Physique

Physique Pictorial (Los Angeles, CA) Physique TR675 .P57

Physique World (New York, NY) Physique GV546 .S .P57

PI Perspective (San Francisco, CA) AIDS, HIV RA644 .A25 P57

Pink Paper, The (Syracuse, NY)

Piss Elegant (San Fransisco, CA) Zine PS509 .H57 P67

Pittsburgh Gay News (Pittsburgh, PA) HQ75 .P69

Playboy (New York, NY) AP2 .P72 +

Playgirl (Santa Monica, CA) AP2 .P735

Playgirl Advisor (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica HQ23 .P72

Playgut (Las Vegas, NV) HQ75 .P72

Playguy (New York, NY) Erotica

Pleasure (New York, NY) Erotica HQ450 .P72

Pledges and Paddles (New York, NY) Erotica, S/M HQ79 .P72

Plexus (Oakland, CA) Feminist HQ1101 .P72

PLGTF Bulletin (Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Task Force) (Philadelphia, PA) Gay liberation movement

Pointblank Times (PBT) (Houston, TX) Lesbian HQ75 .P75

Positive News: Newsletter of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (San Francisco, CA) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 P852

Positively Aware: The Journal of Test Positive Aware Network (Chicago, IL)

POW (Poetry Organization for Women) (Dublin, CA) PS589 .P88

Power Exchange, The: A Newsletter for Women on the Sexual Fringe (Richmond Hill, NY) s/m

Poz (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV

Pride Guide: Official Guide to Gay and Lesbian Pride and History Month (New York, NY) HQ75 .P94

Primavera (Chicago, IL) Women, Literary PS508 .W7 P95

Prism: Community Alternative News and Views (NC) alternative local newspaper

Private Lives (NY, NJ, CT) Entertainment HQ75 .P96

Project X (New York, NY) Entertainment HQ75 .P962

Prophet, The (Albuquerque, NM) Religious

Ptown Scene (Provincetown, MA) entertainment

Pursuit & Symposium

Pussy Grazer Zine

PWA Coalition Newsline (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RA644 .A25. P99

PWAC NY Resource Directory (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RA644 .A25 R432

Pyramid Periodical: The Provocative Quarterly For Gay People of Color (New York, NY) People of Color PS648 .H57 P99

Q Notes: The Carolinasí Most Comprehensive Gay & Lesbian Newspaper HQ75 .Q105

Quarterly Interchange (National Association of Black and White Men Together) (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .Q15

Quarterly Interchange (National Association of Black and White Men Together) (San Francisco, CA) HQ75.Q15

Quarterly (Lamda Associates of Staten Island) (Staten Island, NY) HQ75 .Q12

Quarterly (National Association of Black and White Men Together) (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .Q14

Queenís English (Essex, CT) HQ111 .G23

Queenís NOW Newsletter (New York, NY)

Queenís Quarterly (New York, NY) HQ75 .Q3

Quest: a feminist quarterly (Washington, DC) Feminist HQ1101 .Q52

Quim Lesbian erotica

QW (New York, NY)

Radical America (Somerville, MA)

Ram Erotica, Literary

Rant and Rave (San Francisco, CA) Zine

Reach (Monterey, Ca) AIDS, HIV, Religious: Spirituality

Read This Queers (published anonymously by queers) (Chicago, IL)

Reader (San Diego, CA)

Real Life

Record (Evangelicals Concerned) (New York, NY) Religious

Reflect (Norfolk, VA) Literary

Reflections (Selden, NY) Feminist HQ1101 .R33

Renaissance (Santa Ana, CA) Transvestite HQ77 .R39

Reproductive Rights Newsletter (Chicago, IL; New York, NY) Birth control HQ767 .3 .R42

Resource Directory (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RA644 .A25 R432

Reverberate Zine

Review (Evangelicals Concerned) (New York, NY) Religious

Review International (Baltimore, MD)

RFD (Grinnell, IA) HQ75 .R46

Rhinoceros (Gay Coalition of Denver) (Denver, CO) HQ75 .R47

River 2 River (New York, NY)

Rose (San Diego, CA)

Rubyfruit Readher: A Lesbian Communiqué (Felton, CA)

Rubyfruit Readher: A Lesbian Communiqué (Felton, CA)

Rugged (Minnean-apolis, MN) TR675 .R92

Running Man AP4 .R94

S. A. Voice: San Antonioís Christian News & Events Publication<article from “Focus on the Family” Religious: Christian

S.T.H. (Straight to Hell): Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts (New York, NY) HQ75 .S89

S.T.H. (Straight to Hell): Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts (New York, NY) HQ75.S89

Sacramento Star (Sacramento, CA) HQ75 .S12

San Diego Gay Times

San Diego Gayzette (San Diego, CA) HQ75 .S18

San Diego Performance PN2277 .S39 S19

San Francisco Bay Times (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .S192

San Francisco Crusader HQ75 .G277

San Francisco Frontiers News Magazine (San Francisco, CA)

San Francisco Review of Books (single issue, feature: “gay and lesbian writing”)

San Francisco Sentinel Entertainment HQ75 .S19

San Francisco Womenís Switchboard & Womenís Centers (San Francisco, CA) Feminist HQ1438 .C2 S19

Sandies (San Diego, CA) Entertainment

Sandmutopia Guardian: a dungeon journal (pan-sexual S/M technical journal.) (San Francisco, CA) s/m HQ79 .S215

SapphFire (Austin, TX) Lesbian, News

Sapphoís Isle (Albertson, NY) Lesbian HQ75 .S25

Scan (Atlanta, GA) HQ75 .S27

Scene, The (Denver, CO) HQ75 .S28

Scene, The (Southern CA) HQ75 .S282

Scream Box (Los Angeles, CA) Zine, Literary HQ75 .S43

Screw (New York, NY) Erotica HQ450 .S43

SCWU Newsletter (Southern California Women for Understanding) (Sherman Oaks, CA) HQ75 .6 .U5 .S43

SDA Kinship Connection (Seventh Day Adventists) (Los Angeles, CA) Religious: Seventh-day Adventist +HQ75 .C75

Searchlight (Southern CA) AIDS, HIV

Seattle Gay News (Seattle, WA) HQ75 .S44

Second Stone (New Orleans, LA) Religious BR115 .H6 S44

Second Wave (Boston, MA) Feminist HQ1101 .S44


Sentinel (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .S19


Sex and Censorship (San Francisco, CA) HQ471 .S51

Sex Roles: A Journal of Research (New York, NY) HQ1206 .S51

Sex Tool Erotica


Sexual Law Reporter (Los Angeles, CA) KF4754.5 .S512

Sexual Liberation (San Francisco, CA) Heterosexual, Sexual liberation

Sexual Medicine Today (New York, NY) RC556 .S51

Sexuality Library (San Francisco, CA) Catalog

She (Opa-Locka, FL) Lesbian HQ75.6 .U5 S53

Shocking Gray: “The catalog for the other 25 million people” (San Antonio, TX) Catalog, Gay, Lesbian, Merchandise HF5465.5 .S55

Shot in the Dark (Philadelphia, PA) TR675 .S55

SIDA ahora (People With Aids Coalition) (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 S56

SIDAMonde (Alexandria, VA) AIDS, HIV

Side Bi Side: The newsletter of the Bisexual Network of DC, Maryland, and Virginia (Washington, DC) Bisexual, Entertainment HQ74 .2 .U5 .S56

Signs (Chicago, IL)

Sin Bros.

Sinister Wisdom: “A Journal of Words and Pictures for the Lesbian Imagination in All Women” (Lincoln, NE) HQ1101 .S61

Sirenís Workshop Center (Provincetown, MA) Catalog, Education HQ1402 .S61

Sister Source (Chicago, IL) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .S624

Sister: West Coast Feminist Newspaper (womenís center newsletter) (Los Angeles, CA) Feminist HQ1101 .S62

Sisters, Daughters of Bilitis (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .S62

Sisters of the Winds (Wabash, IN) Women prisoners HV6046 .S62

Sisters United (Galena, KS) Lesbian HQ75 .S622

Sisters United II (Galena, KS) Lesbian HQ75 .S622

Skin (Miami, FL) Erotica

Skinflicks: The Hot Sex Video Mag Erotica

Slippery When Wet (single issue) Bisexual, Entertainment

Slut Mag (New York, NY) Zine

Snippets: A Mélange of Women (University Heights Ohio) (OH) Literary

Soís Your Old Lady (Minneapolis, MN) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .S71

Social Action

Social Progress

Socialist Review (single issue) (San Francisco, CA) Politics HX1 .S668

SOHO News (New York, NY)

Sojourner: The New England Womenís Journal of News, Opinions, and the Arts (Cambridge, MA)

Some unsaid things: newsletter of womenís studies program (Brooklyn, NY) Feminist HQ1101 .S69

SOS (Swingers Over Seas) HQ75 .S97

Soup (San Francisco, CA) Literary

South Lambda Quarterly (Staten Island, NY)

Southern Feminist (Athens, GA) Feminist HQ1101 .S72

Southern Voice (Atlanta, GA) HQ76.8 .U5 S72

Sower, The (Wichita, KS) Religious

Spartacus International Gay Guide (Berlin) Entertainment HQ75 .S73

Spartan for Men Erotica

Speak Out! (New York, NY) HQ759 .915 .S74

Spectator (Berkeley, CA) Entertainment, Heterosexual HQ450 .S74

Spectre (Ann Arbor, MI) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .S74

Spinning Off<special issue: “Racism in the White Womenís Movement (Los Angeles, CA) Feminist HQ1439 .L8 .S75

SpokeSpace (Newsletter of Hibbs Gallery of Visual and Arts Center) (New York, NY) Visual arts

Spokeswoman (Falls Church, VA) HQ1426 .S76

Spree News (Hollywood, CA) HQ75 .S76

SPREE (Society of Pat Rocco Enlightened Enthusiasts) (Hollywood, CA) HQ75 .S76

Spurs (Studio City, CA) Erotica

Stallion (Derby, CT) Erotica

Star Models (New York, NY) Physique TR675 .S79

Stars (Washington, DC)

States of Mind (Ithaca, NY) Psychology RA790 .A1 S79

STEAM (Cazenovia, WI) Gay journal HQ75 .S79

Stonewall News (New York, NY) HQ76 .3 U5 S881

Stop the Violence: The Newsletter of the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

Storm! (New York, NY) Politics, Anarchism HX821 .S88

Strength (Philadelphia, PA) Body building, 1920s GV201 .S91

Strength and Health (York, PA) Physique

Stroke (South Euclid, OH) Erotica, Gay male

Stud: All Male Action Newspaper (New York, NY)

Studflix (New York, NY) Erotica

Studies in Visual Communication (Philadelphia, PA) Lesbian, Gay GN1 .S926


Suck-cess Erotica

Sunbury (New York, NY) PS580 .S95

Sungods (San Francisco, CA) Physique

Swan (changed to Chiron Rising) (Phelan, CA) HQ1060 .C54

Swingers Behind Bars (East Hartford, CN) Erotica, Heterosexual, Swingers

Swingers Over Seas (Los Angeles, CA) Entertainment, International HQ75 .S97

Syzygy (Cincinnati, OH) Women, Literary PN6120 .92 .W65 S99

Tangents (Hollywood, CA) HQ76 .T16

Tapestry: the journal for al persons interested in cross dressing and transsexualism (Wayland, MA) Transgender HQ77 .7 .T77

Task Force Report (National Gay Task Force) (Washington DC) HQ75 .I89

Taste of Latex (San Francisco, CA) Lesbian

Taurus Erotica, Gay male

Ted: reports from the gay nation (New York, NY)

Telewoman (Pleasant Hill, CA) Feminist HQ1101. T26

Texas Triangle, The: The Stateís Gay News Source HQ75 .T35

Themis: The voice of the Feminist Witch: A newsletter of the new Womenís Religion (Oakland, CA) BF1562 .5 .T41

Thesmophoria: voice of the new Womenís Religion (Oakland, CA) BF1562 .5 .T41

Thing (Chicago, IL) Transvestite HQ77 .T44

Thirteenth Moon (New York, NY) Women, Literary PS508 .W7 T44

This Week With David (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Entertainment HQ75 .T44

Thursdayís Child (San Diego, CA) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75.6 .U5. T54

Thrust Erotica

Time Square Faces Physique HQ450 .T58

Time Square Stud Physique

Times Feminist Review (Rochester, NY) HQ1101 .N535

Times Square Studio Physique

TITA (Tell it to ACT UP) (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RC. 607. A26. T27

Titan Physique

Together (Sioux Falls, SD) Erotica

Tommyís Connection: The New England Travelers Paper Travel

Tomorrowís Man Physique and GV546.5 .T66

Top Guide for Gay Men HQ75 .T672

Topman (New York, NY) Entertainment HQ75 .T67

Torso (New York, NY) Erotica TR676 .T69

Torso International (Los Angeles, CA) Erotica TR676 .T69

Trade Erotica, Gay male

Transgender (Waltham, MA) Transgender HQ77 .7 T77

Transsisters (Kansas City, KS) Transgender HQ77 .9 .T77

Treatment Issues: The GMHC Newsletter of Experimental AIDS Therapies (New York, NY) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 .T78

Treatment Review AIDS, HIV

Tri-State Lambda News (Cheyenne, WY)


Trikon: Indian subcontinent gay support group (Palo Alto, CA)

Trim Studio Quarterly (Washington, DC) Physique TR681 .M4 T83

Trim “Young Americaís Favorite Physique Publication” (Tucson, AZ) Physique TR675 .T83

Triumph in 86: A Tribute to Gay Games I / The Promise of Triumph ë86 Gay Games II (San Francisco, CA) Sports GV722 .5 .G36 T83

Tropic: Latin Spice and Black Heat Erotica, Gay male, People of color TR675 .T85

True Colors: A Newsletter Recommending Gay & Lesbian Resources (San Antonio, TX)

True Detective (New York, NY) AP2 .T86

Tryst: Anatomy of a Friendship

TWISL Magazine (This Week in Greater St Louis) (St. Louis, Missouri)

twn: South Floridaís Weekly Gay Alternative (previously Weekly News) (Miami, FL) HQ75 .W39


TWT (This Week in Texas) Entertainment

Tzabaco (Healdsburg, CA) Catalog HF5465.5 .T99

U.S. Women (St Louis, MO)

U.U.G.C. News (Unitarian-Universalist Gay Caucus) (San Francisco, CA) Religious

Uncut America Newsletter (San Francisco, CA) GT2470 .U541

Uncut: The Magazine of the Natural Man (San Francisco, CA) GT2470 .U54

Understanding AIDS (Portugese Vietnamese, Haitian French Creole, and Kmer) (Rockville, MD) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 U552

Understanding Homosexuality

Unicorn (Boston, MA) Women, Literary

United for the Nineties (Columbus, OH)

Update (San Diego, CA) HQ75 .S29

Upfront (Houston, TX) HQ75 .U66

Urge (San Francisco, CA) Erotica, Gay male

V.I.P. Playboy AP2 .V812

Vagabond (Minneapolis, MN) HQ75 .V12

Valley Gay Menís Calendar (North Hampton, MA)

Vanity Fair (special edition with K.D. Lang)

Vector (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .V41

Vegas Gay Times (Las Vegas, NV)

Venus (Atlanta, GA) African-American, Gay HQ75 .V47

Venus Infers (San Francisco, CA) Erotica, Lesbian HQ 75 .U5 .V47

Verbatim HQ111 .G23

Vice (New York, NY) Entertainment HQ76 .3 U5 V63

Village Voice, The (New York, NY)

Vim (Washinton DC) Physique TR 675 .V76

Violence Against Women (Thousand Oaks, CA) Women and violent crimes HV6250 .V79

Visibilities (New York, NY) Lesbian, Feminist HQ75 .V73

Viva!: A Lesbian and Gay Latino Arts Organization (Los Angeles, CA) Latina, Latino, Arts HQ75 .V85

Viva: The International Magazine for Women (New York, NY)

Voice for Girls (New York, NY) HQ777 .V88

Voice of the Turtle (American Baptists Concerned Newsletter) (Oakland, CA) Religious: Baptist

Voice, The (San Francisco, CA) Entertainment HQ75 .V882

Voices of Women (Kenosha, WI) Feminist, Literary

Volume (Buffalo, NY)

W74 (National Womenís Political Caucus) (Washington, DC) Women in politics HQ1236 . N99

Wanderlust Travel Guides (East Haven, CN) Travel E169. O4 .W24

Washington Blade (formerly Blade) (Washington, D C) HQ76.6 .W3 .G28

Washingtonian, The

Washout (Schenectady, NY) PS580 .W31

WAVPM Newspage (Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media) (Berkeley, CA)

We Got It! (Lesbian Switchboard) (Madison, WI) HQ75 .W36

Weekly Guide (New Orleans, LA) Entertainment

Weekly News (TWN)

West Sider (New York, NY)

West Village Observer (New York, NY) HQ75 .W51

Western Express, The (Phoenix, AZ)

WGM Voice (Westchester Gay Men) (White Plains, NY)

What She Wants (Cleveland, OH) HW1438 .O3 .W55

Where Itís At (New York, NY) Entertainment HQ75 .W56

Whispering Campaign (San Francisco, CA)

White Crane (San Francisco, CA) HQ75 .7 W58

White Lightning (New York, NY)

WIB Newsletter (Womenís Information Bureau) (Allendale, MI) HQ1101 .W63

Wilde Side (Long Island, NY)


Windy City Times (Chicago, IL) HQ75 .W76

Wisconsin Light, The (Milwaukee, WI) HQ75 .W812

Wisdomís Child New York Guide (New York, NY)

Wise Woman (Oakland, CA) Feminist

Wishing Well (Novato, CA) HQ1.W81

Woman: A Journal of Liberation (New York, NY)

Woman Lobbyist, The (New York, NY) Feminist

Woman Poet (Reno, NE) Feminist, Literary PS589 .W872

Woman to Woman (Lake Charles, LA) Feminist HQ1101 .W8722

Womanís Choice (Berkeley, CA) Feminist HQ1101 .W8714

Womanews (New York, NY) HQ1101 .W8712

Womankind (Chicago, IL) Feminist HQ1101 .W871

Womankind (Indianapolis, IN)

WomanSpace: A Publication of the Womenís Community of San Antonio (San Antonio, TX) HQ1101. W8717

Womanspace: All the Queenís Women, Inc. (Flushing, NY) HQ1101 .W8716

WomanSpace Newsletter (Cleveland, OH) Feminist

Women (A journal of liberation) (Baltimore, MD)

Women Against Pornography Newsreport (New York, NY) HQ471 .W872

Women Against Violence in Pornography and the Media (Berkeley, CA) HQ471 .W874

Women and Family Law Newsletter (New York, NY) Feminist

Women Focus (Brooklyn, NY) Feminist

Women in Martial Arts (Los Angeles, CA)

Women in the Trades (New York, NY) Feminist

Women in Theater (New York, NY)

Women Loving Women Loving Children (New York, NY) HQ75.53 .W87

Women Networking Magazine (Austin, TX)

Women of the Ivy League (New Haven, CT) PS508 .W7 W872

Womenís Forum

Women/ Poems (Lexington, MA) Feminist, Literary

Women Talking Women Listening (Dublin, CA) PS589 .W86

Women Writing Newsletter (Newfield, NY) Women, Literary PS151 .W87

Womenís Center Newsletter (Ithaca, NY) HQ1101 .I89

Womenís Diaries (Pound Ridge, NY) CT3200 .W87

Womenís Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice (Romulus, NY) Feminist

Womenís INFOrmation Center (Syracuse, NY) HQ1438 .N7 .I43

Womenís Monthly, The (NOW New York State) (Albany, NY) Feminist HQ1438 .N7 .W87

Womenís Network (Bronx, NY) HQ75 .W86

Womenís News (Harrisburg, PA) HQ1438 .P6 H31

Womenís Political Times (Washington, DC) Feminist

Womenís Press (Eugene, OR) Feminist

Womenís Rights Report (Richmond, VA) HQ1255 .W87

Womenís Traveler (San Francisco, CA) Travel E158 .W87

Womyn Lovers: separatists newsletter (Oakland, CA) HQ75 .W862

Womyns Weekly (Phoenix, AZ) Feminist

Workforce (Oakland, CA)

Works (Indianapolis, IN) HQ75. W92

World Gay Guide

Xanadu (Wantagh, NY) Literary

Yoni (Oakland, CA) Erotica, Lesbian HQ75 .Y59

Young Guys Physique

Young & Hot

Young Physique (New York, NY) Physique TR675 .Y75

Youth in Art Physique N8266 .Y86

Youth in Physique Art (New York, NY) Physique

Youthful Nudist

ZAP (State College, PA) HQ75 .Z35

Zebra Z (San Antonio, TX) Catalog HF5465.5 .Z41

Beefcake in the Cornell Library

You can find examples of 1950s and 60s “beefcake,” or male physique photography, in Cornell University Library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, home to the Human Sexuality Collection. The Human Sexuality Collection has a large collection of the magazines that were the precursors to modern gay erotica, but which were presented as tools for art students interested in drawing the male form. Some of the magazines ran explicit editorials decrying censorship rules of the day.

To find these magazines:

  • Search the online catalog for these subject headings:
    • Bodybuilders–Periodicals.
    • Bodybuilding–Periodicals.
    • Photography of bodybuilders–Periodicals.
    • Photography of men–Periodicals.
    • Gay men–Pictorial works–Periodicals.
  • View the Human Sexuality Collection website. After you click on “Periodicals,” you can either browse the list of U.S. periodicals or search on the key word “physique.”
  • Visit the Human Sexuality Collection and let a reference staff person help you find the titles you want to see.

Physique Magazines in the Cornell Library

This is not a comprehensive list of the holdings of the Human Sexuality Collections. Many additional titles can be found using the library catalog or within the finding aids of individual collections.

  • Adonis
  • American Apollo
  • Art and Form
  • Big Boys, The
  • Body Beautiful
  • Boot
  • Boys
  • Brawn
  • Bunky
  • Demi Gods (NY)
  • Demi Gods (NJ)
  • Encore
  • Era (published by QQ–Queen’s Quarterly)
  • Fizeek
  • Fizeek Art Quarterly
  • Flex
  • Gallery
  • Grandeur
  • Grecian Guild Pictorial
  • Grecian Guild Studio Quarterly
  • Hans (the Boys of Northern Europe)
  • Hawk
  • He
  • Hercules
  • Hermes
  • International Nudist Sun
  • Jr. Annual
  • Male Nude
  • Male Physique
  • Male Pix Beefcake
  • Male Pose
  • Man’s World
  • Manual
  • MARS
  • Men International
  • Mr. Big
  • Muscle Sculpture
  • Muscle Teens
  • Muscle Training
  • Muscleboy
  • Popular Man
  • Physique Photos
  • Physique Pictorial
  • Physique World
  • Star Models
  • Strength and Health
  • Sungods
  • Time Square Faces
  • Time Square Stud
  • Times Square Studio
  • Titan
  • Tomorrow’s Man
  • Trim “Young America’s Favorite Physique Publication”
  • Trim Studio Quarterly
  • Vim
  • Young Physique
  • Man-ifique

Collection Highlights